Welcome to Twerp Products!

About Us

The Story Behind Twerp Products

The Twerp brand is all about silly or unusual products that enliven our lives and connect us to folks we care about. 

We figure that there’s enough to be serious about in the world.  And we think we could all use a little creative boost now and then. 

Twerp began with me and my comical Pop, who called me…guess what?...Twerp. 

Pop would good-naturedly thump me on the head, tweak my nose and grab me in a hammer hold.   He’d skunk me by changing the rules of our games mid-play, and he would constantly make up new games. He was imaginative and very silly.  Still is.

Twerp wants to spread some of that laughter and good will through its sometimes hilarious, sometimes unusual gifts.

I mean, why settle for same old, same old when you can get something really unique or fun? 

Let’s all lighten up!

Twerp's Philosophy

Laughter connects us to others.

Laughter triggers…more laughter.

Creativity gets us lit.

Uniqueness quenches our thirst for originality.

Where hilarity and originality slays, there’s Twerp.

If a Twerp gift can’t help or inspire, it’s time to head for a counseling session or a glass of an adult beverage.