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It’s the little things that can make life more fun… sunny days, hanging out with good friends, a smile, and Twerp products! We go out of our way to come up with items that are not only visually exciting, but highly useful, too. Check out our selection of cool stuff below – all available on Amazon!

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Novelty Mugs

Wine & Cocktail Accessories

Empower your day with an “inspirational” message and a punching fist on the bottom.

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  • HILARIOUS MUG – Beautifully crafted 11 oz. black ceramic mug that makes for a great gift or an amazing way to start your day.
  • FIST EMOJI FEATURED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE MUG – There’s a “bonus” surprise – a “punching fist” graphic on the bottom of the mug to emphasize the point even further.
  • Not microwave and dishwasher safe – This will help keep the the high-quality graphics and high-gloss finish looking its best.

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It’s a new day! But yeah, mornings can be hard for most mortals, and sometimes you need a little extra inspiration. What better way to exercise your inner “carpe diem” attitude than enjoying that first cup of joe from a mug that says “Punch today in the face.”?

Because, guess what? As Bill Gates famously said, “Life isn’t fair. Get used to it.” So you have choices – you can either just roll over (which we know is tempting… especially if we’re talking about a cozy bed.) OR you can say “No! I’m making this day MINE!” Now make that coffee, grab your mug with your fist, drink up, and go punch today in the face!

Pacifism disclaimer: No, we are definitely not recommending physical punching of any sort. That would just be stupid, very unkind, and just very wrong. This is a “virtual punch” intended only to inspire you to be at your very best on this fine day.

The perfect gift! Inspire your friends and family! What a wonderful way to acknowledge the “can-do” attitude of people in your life. And for those who are more of the “can’t-do” persuasion, you just might be doing them the biggest favor of their lives by presenting them with this beautifully crafted and impactful mug – a mug that just might spark their hidden potential for greatness.

With surprise poop emoji on the bottom. Because coffee makes you poop!

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  • COFFEE MAKES YOU POOP! Features a “poop emoji” graphic on bottom of mug. Hilarious 11oz mug makes for a great morning ritual.
  • Perfect gag gift, white elephant gift, hostess gift, stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or gift for yourself!
  • INTRIGUING MESSAGE – Wait for it…Wait for it… printed on both sides of the mug and on the mug box.
  • Not microwave and dishwasher safe – This will help keep the the high-quality graphics and high-gloss finish looking its best.

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Let’s be real… coffee is a stimulant, and often the delicious catalyst for the “morning constitution”, which is a very healthy thing for human bodies. While mature adults are able to discuss normal human bodily functions in a scientifically sober way, there’s just something about the beloved “poop emoji” that makes even the most serious grownup giggle… at least inwardly.

Release your inner 10-year-old, and watch the reactions of your friends, co- workers, or significant others when you raise your “Wait for it…” mug. Puzzlement will be the first response, as bystanders will ask themselves “Wait for what?” Tipping your mug up to reveal the cute poop emoji on the bottom is sure to bring laughs, groans, and possibly the occasional “Eww, gross!”. Whatever the reaction, you can rest assured you’ll get one. This hilarious mug is the perfect gift for that friend, co-worker or loved one with a warped sense of humor.

The perfect stylish, fun & lighthearted gift for a soon-to-be retiree who enjoys wine.

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  • MORE LABELS THAN OTHER BRANDS – Set of 12 adhesive labels securely affix to the wine bottles.
  • WATERPROOF – Won’t disintegrate from cold or wet bottles
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Give the retiree a good laugh!
  • HOW TO USE – These labels can be placed over an existing wine bottle label, but for best results simply remove the original label and adhere the sticker directly to the bottle.

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Looking for the perfect lighthearted gift for a soon-to-be retiree who enjoys wine? These stylish and fun wine labels are a great way to commemorate this well-earned milestone event AND bring a few laughs in the process. You get 12 label designs with popular clever sayings like “Sip Sip Hooray! You’re Retired”, and “The Legend Has Retired”, “I’m Retired. Do it yourself”, plus more.

Give the whole set as a gift, or use the labels separately to dress up 12 individual gifts of wine. A great decoration for retirement parties featuring wine or champagne! Simply put the labels on the bottles before serving to give the event an extra touch of “special”. The party table or bar will certainly be visually enhanced, and there’s a good chance the vino or bubbly will seem to taste even better! (psychology, you know).

These adhesive labels are super easy to use, and require no special training. High-quality printing on waterproof material ensures our labels can be used on bottles that will be chilled or wet without worry of disintegration or runny ink. You can place them over existing labels or directly on the bottle. Either method works, but for optimal results, we recommend removing the original labels first whenever possible.

Don’t lose track of your wine glass as parties, and express yourself without saying a word.

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  • SET OF 12 FUNNY WINE GLASS STICKERS- PERFECT FOR HOSTESS OR HOUSEWARMING GIFT- High-quality stickers with transparent backgrounds.
  • WON’T LOSE TRACK OF YOUR GLASS AND ARE REUSABLE! Super easy to apply and remove. Stickers leave no residue on your fine glasses.
  • MAKES A GREAT HOSTESS GIFT for birthdays, wine tasting parties, wine lovers, holiday parties, secret santa gift or white elephant gift.
  • UNIQUE ALTERNATIVE TO WINE CHARMS AND WINE MARKERS – Sticker sizes vary slightly per design, but most are around 2.25” wide.

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Have you ever set your wine glass down at a soireé, only to discover three others sitting next to it when you return… and they all look alike? Our fun and clever Wine Glass Stickers are designed to help you easily identify your glass, thus avoiding unwanted germs (aka “cooties”) from drinking from someone else’s glass. Not only do these unique stickers prevent this awkward – and potentially unhealthy – situation, but they’re also fantastic conversation starters.

If you like your humor dry – like your wine – these clever stickers are for you! After all, drinking wine is already fun. Why not increase the fun-factor with a note of playful wine-related humor?

The perfect hostess gift, holiday gift or party favor! Delight your friends and loved ones with this set of 12 nicely-designed stickers that are sure to make the next wine party a bit more lively. Cheers!

Liven up your beach party with stickers that will make any drink look like it’s on vacation.

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  • UNIQUE ALTERNATIVE TO WINE CHARMS AND MARKERS – Set of 10 colorful and high-quality, reusable stickers for drink glasses, windows, mirrors or any smooth surface.
  • BEACH PARTY DECORATIONS – Liven up your luau, summer gatherings or home decor with fun beach graphics. Each sticker is 2.25″ wide.
  • SUMMER PARTY FAVORS AND HOSTESS GIFTS – Great way to say thanks to the party hosts!
  • REUSABLE! Super easy to apply and remove. Can be used over and over just like wine charms and markers, and they leave no residue on your fine glasses.

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Have you ever set your glass down at a soireé, only to discover three others sitting next to it when you return… and they all look alike? Our fun and clever Beach-themed Glass Stickers are designed to help you easily identify your glass, thus avoiding unwanted germs (aka “cooties”) from drinking from someone else’s glass. Not only do these unique stickers prevent this awkward – and potentially unhealthy – situation, but they’re also fantastic conversation starters.

Why not increase the fun-factor with a colorful and beachy sticker? The perfect hostess gift, holiday gift or party favor! Delight your friends and loved ones with this set of 10 nicely-designed stickers that are sure to make the next party a bit more lively. Cheers!

Party Supplies

These fun “Advice & Wishes Cards” will really liven up any Retirement Party, and make wonderful keepsakes.

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  • 50 PREMIUM-QUALITY 4X6″ CARDS – printed on sturdy Kraft paper that will last for years.
  • RUSTIC DESIGN – On-trend rustic design that goes well with any party theme.
  • PARTY KEEPSAKE – The ultimate retirement party keepsake for the lucky retiree.
  • EXTRA FUN! A great way to inject some extra fun – and love – into any retirement celebration.

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Retirement is one of life’s major milestone events and should be celebrated properly! The party, the cake, the decorations and gag gifts are all great, but these fun “Advice & Wishes Cards” will really liven up the event AND leave the retiree with wonderful keepsakes after the party’s over.

Most people love giving advice, and these clever cards give them free reign to do so – creatively! These high quality cards provide a great “guest-participation” activity for any retirement celebration that is sure to bring laughs, and possibly some sentimental “awww” moments. The cards get people started with pre-printed lines such as “NEVER_____” and “TRY SOMETHING NEW, LIKE______”. Even the most writing-averse guests will have fun coming up with spontaneous sentiments and/or hilarious suggestions for their soon-to-be retired coworker.

Our cards feature an on-trend rustic design that will enhance any party theme. Use them as a guest book alternative, place setting cards, or as an interactive party game. Printed on sturdy Kraft paper, these cards will last for years, allowing the retiree to revisit their friends’ and coworkers’ advice and wishes for a long time to come.

Liven up your next fiesta with these custom designed Fiesta Straws!

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  • WILL NOT FALL APART! – High quality paper straws will not disintegrate in your drink.
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED – Your work has already been done for you! Unlike other brands, which require gluing the cut outs onto the straws, these straws are ready to use.
  • SET INCLUDES – 32 straws – 8 sombreros, 8 cactus, 8 burros and 8 maracas. Each straw measures 7.75 inches long
  • EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM DESIGNS – Each cactus, sombrero, burro and maraca has their own unique design and are exclusively sold by Twerp Products.

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Liven up your summer party with these custom designed Fiesta Straws! Your guests will enjoy sipping their drinks out of a fun chevron-patterned straw with sombreros, maracas, burros and cactus securely affixed to the straw. Fiesta Straws will instantly add pizzaz to your Mexican party decor.

Fun decor for parties or nurseries.

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  • USES – DIY set includes 6 adorable Woodland Creatures figures. Let your DIY imagination run wild by using them for cake toppers, banners, nursery decorations, wall decor, centerpieces and more!
  • LARGE SIZE – Measurements range from 5.5″ to 7.75″and will be easily seen and admired with their adorable design and considerable size.
  • DOUBLE SIDED – Guests will see these adorable Woodland Friends from all sides on your table centerpiece or hanging banner.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL and REUSABLE – Printed on thick card stock with a glossy finish, they can be used over and over again.

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Decorate your nursery or use as party supplies to bring your unique Woodland theme design ideas to life! The LARGE size and DURABLE card stock will stand out and stand the test of time. Cheers!

Create maximum visual splash for your next party or event!

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  • LONG: 75-foot plastic strip with small sturdy holes to hold inflated balloon knots in place.
  • EASY TO USE: Once the balloon is inflated, pull the balloon knot through the hole to create a cluster of balloons. The plastic strip can be hung or attached to poles, walls or ceilings using rope, glue dots, hooks, etc.
  • FUN! Everyone loves balloons at a party. Make balloon arches, clusters, hearts or create your own shapes.
  • REUSABLE: Once you pop the balloons, simply remove them from the holes and roll up your balloon strip for future events.

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If you’re looking for the maximum visual splash for your next party or event, but don’t want to spend a fortune, balloon art is the answer! With our easy-to-use Balloon Art Decorating Strips, you can create balloon arches, clusters or multiple shapes without having to hire designer or a construction crew. Simply pull the knots from inflated balloons through the sturdy little holes in the strip, and voila! You are ready to display your balloon creation however you wish.

Our ballon art strip measures 75 feet – longer than the competitors’ 25 ft. And 50 ft. strips. This gives you the flexibility to create one large balloon arrangement, or cut to desired lengths for several smaller ones. The holes on our balloon strip are spaced 6mm apart for denser cluster designs. However, you can skip holes for more spacing between balloons if you wish. Unlike some other brands, the holes are sized smaller to ensure the balloon knot doesn’t slip out, meaning you don’t have to worry about balloons escaping when installing your inflatable art piece.

Balloon Art Decorating Strip is the perfect decorating solution for weddings, birthday parties, engagement or anniversary parties, baby showers, office parties. or any event that needs a little extra pizzaz. Grab a few extra strips to have on hand, just in case an unexpected soiree comes up. You’ll be glad you did, and your guests will be thoroughly impressed.

Make any birthday party magical with this enchanting banner that features gold foil accents.

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  • EXPERIENCE UNICORN MAGIC! – Include this banner with your unicorn party supplies for the best birthday party ever.
  • PRE-STRUNG – Unlike many other banners, this banner comes assembled with a sturdy rope for hanging.
  • HIGH QUALITY HEAVY CARD STOCK PAPER – Each pennant is made from sturdy card stock paper and measures 5 x 6.7 inches
  • INCLUDES 15 high quality cards with gold foil letters and accents, and an adorable unicorn face perfect for your unicorn party decor.

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Make any Birthday Party extra special with Unicorns and shininess! We all know that Unicorns are magical and noble creatures, so what better way to say “You’re awesome!” to the birthday person than hanging this brightly-colored “Happy Birthday” banner with shiny gold foil letters and accents… and Unicorns!

Create an enchanted party space that lets your guests live the fairytale. Our custom-designed festive banner is not only beautiful, but durable enough for outdoor parties, too. It’s the perfect adornment for all types of Unicorn-themed and Fantasy- themed birthday parties, adding just the right amount of bling. The minute your guests are greeted by this adorable Happy Birthday Unicorn Banner, they will know that THIS party is going to be magically-fun!

Top your delicious cupcakes with some sparkly magic and turn them into enchanting treats.

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  • PERFECT FOR UNICORN-THEMED AND RAINBOW-THEMED PARTIES – Make your kids or guests smile with this sparkly set of 12 Unicorn cupcake decorations and 12 Rainbow cupcake decorations. Perfect for birthday parties, baby showers and more!
  • SIZE AND DESCRIPTION: All cupcake picks are blue, yellow and pink, and are enhanced with glitter. The rainbow topper is 2.5″x1.2″ and the unicorn is 2.4″x2.4″.
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED – Unlike other cupcake toppers, these are preassembled making decorating hassle-free.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE FOR FOOD – Made from food-safe materials but not to be consumed or put in the microwave or oven. Can also be used for fruit, brownies, cakes and even home decor.

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Put a little sparkly magic on your cupcakes with these delightfully decorative toppers! Rainbows and Unicorn toppers are the perfect way to transform your delicious cupcakes into enchanting treats that are sure to brighten up any event, from birthday parties to baby showers to kids’ parties and more!

Bring the fairytales to life, and let the smiles begin! Ideal for Unicorn or Fantasy- Themed parties and events, these pretty little cupcake toppers will add the perfect dose of glittery enchantment to any party table.

Our Unicorn and Rainbow cupcake toppers also make a great gift that will bring a little extra magic to the special people in your life. Our cupcake toppers are food-safe, in addition to just being super-cute.

Liven up your party with these super-cool balloons filled with gold confetti that are really fun to pop!

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  • FUN TO POP! These 12 inch balloons with gold foil confetti dots will create a confetti-flurry that’s guaranteed to liven up your party!
  • CONVENIENTLY PRE-FILLED WITH FOIL CONFETTI – Unlike other confetti balloons where the confetti comes separately and needs to be filled by hand, these are pre-filled making them hassle-free.
  • BONUS DECORATIVE STRINGS – Includes 5 white strings intertwined with gold metallic threads to tie and hang your balloons in style.
  • USEFUL TIP – Since confetti is heavier than helium it will naturally sink to the bottom of the balloon. Spritz a bit of water into the balloon and then rub the balloon with your hands to spread out the confetti and create optimal sticking.

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It’s Party Time! Bring out the Balloons! To make any occasion festive, balloons are pretty much a standard requirement. But these super-cool balloons are not your run-of-the mill colorful rubbery sacks of breath – they’re pre-filled with gold confetti dots! Now you’re taking festive to a whole new level!

Yes, pro-level festive and FUN! If the party starts to wane, just start popping the confetti balloons and watch your guests spring back to life as they’re being gently sprinkled with shiny gold confetti dots! It just doesn’t get much more sparkly-awesome than that!

Show your friends and loved ones how much you really care by decorating your next soiree or event with these extra-awesome balloons. Your reputation as a host/hostess could become legendary before you know it.

Arrrrr matey! It be time for a pirate party! Hoist your Happy Birthday banner and let the hijinks begin.

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  • EXPERIENCE THE PIRATE’S LIFE! – Hang this banner with your pirate party supplies for the best birthday party ever.
  • PRE-STRUNG – Unlike many other banners, this banner comes assembled with a sturdy rope for hanging.
  • HIGH QUALITY HEAVY CARD STOCK PAPER – Each pennant is made from sturdy card stock paper and measures 5 x 6.7 inches
  • INCLUDES 15 high quality printed cards in pirate motifs plus a cool pirate skull and crossbones character.

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Make any Birthday Party a Pirate Party! Because pirates are awesome! This fun “Happy Birthday” banner with pirates and a distinctive piratey style is sure to shiver yer timbers. Aye!

The perfect swag for real swashbucklin’ fun. Our custom-designed festive banner is not only fine-lookin’, but also durable enough for outdoor parties, too. It’s the perfect jack to let your guests know that scallywags be walkin’ the plank if they don’t be havin’ yo-ho-ho fun at yer shindig.

Office & Work Accessories

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Display your favorite photos, postcards, posters, polaroids or event tickets in style, without leaving holes!

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  • Set of 12 Push Pin Clips with on-trend Rose Gold metallic finish.
  • Mini bulldog clips are perfect for hanging photos, posters, etc. without pin hole damage.
  • Add a little class to the pin boards in your home or office.
  • A great gift for birthdays, white elephant gift exchanges, holidays, or just because.

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Now you can display your favorite photos, postcards, posters, polaroids or event tickets in style, without leaving any holes! You enjoy having your favorite things readily visible, but using regular push pins scars them for life by leaving unsightly little holes. These clever mini bulldog clips with push pins work with any cork board or pin board, and allow you to hang your favorite things or important documents without harming them.

ClipPIns feature a very on-trend Rose Gold metallic finish that will dress up any space while displaying your exquisite sense of taste – and your stuff, of course. For nearly every type of decor, fashionable rose gold adds a touch of “oh yeah!” and plays nicely with other colors and finishes.

Create beautiful displays of your arty pieces without the expense or hassle of framing or mounting. So many of us have treasured photos, art pieces, memorabilia, etc. that we just never get around to having framed or prepared for display. ClipPins are a fabulous solution for giving those special pieces the presentation they deserve with a touch of subtle sophistication.   

These chic and functional clips make a great gift for anyone who appreciates “stylish and practical”. Coworkers, friends, family, or even your favorite teacher will be  delighted by such a thoughtful gift, and possibly motivated to finally display those awesome photos and mementos that have been languishing in a box under the bed for way too long.

Sign on the dotted line with flair and a little bling! These gorgeous on-trend pens are a must for any fashionista.

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  • On-trend 4-Pen Set with Rose Gold metallic finish and accents: one sliver with rose gold prongs for the diamond, one rose gold with white polka dots, one white with rose gold polka dots, one all-over rose gold.
  • Each pen is in an individual navy blue velvet bag – perfect for gifting!
  • Smooth-writing twist-open pens with black ink.

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Write your next manuscript, love note, grocery list, or sign on the dotted line with high style and a little bling! Whoever says “a pen is just a pen” has obviously never wrapped their fingers around these elegant writing instruments designed for the fashion-forward crowd. Each Bling Pen is decorated with a stunning rose gold metallic finish and accents, and topped with a large diamond-shaped crystal gripped by rose gold prongs for added flair.

These Bling Pens are more than just sparkly gorgeousness. They perform smoothly and evenly without smudging or skipping, making writing by hand an absolute pleasure. The rich black ink makes them ideal for signing contracts, marriage licenses and other important documents. And yes, the sparkly rose gold gorgeousness of the exterior does help to further enhance your personal awesomeness as you sign away with confidence. It’s even possible that your penmanship might improve – or at least seem to.

Need a special pen for special occasions? These chic writing instruments are perfect for the guestbook table at weddings, showers, parties, or anywhere a guestbook is needed. Just be sure to keep an eye on the guests, though, as many will undoubtedly covet these gems, possibly leading to an “oh, I guess I accidentally put it in my purse – silly me!” scenario.

The lush blue velvet bags included with each pen make them ideal gifts for nearly any occasion! Perfect for the hard-to-buy-for co-worker, boss, client, teacher or sister-in-law, these uniquely fun and functional pens are guaranteed to bring a satisfied smile. They make wonderfully on-trend gifts for Christmas, holidays, bridal showers, birthdays, weddings, bridesmaids, or “just because” occasions. Those who are lucky enough to make your gift roster will think of you every time they twist open their “special pen” to write something profound… or a grocery list.

For hard working, hard hat-wearing people who want to express themselves on the job without saying a word.

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  • Set of 22 unique high-quality stickers that include clever, funny, sarcastic and patriotic themes.
  • Static cling stickers are easy to apply and remove from standard hard hats, leaving no nasty glue residue.
  • Each sticker measures 2.27” in diameter to fit hard hats, lunch boxes or tool boxes.
  • A great gift for birthdays, gift exchanges, holidays, or Fridays.

See Fun Description

A job that requires a hard hat is usually serious, meaning sometimes you have to lighten things up a little. These stickers will do the trick by getting the message across without you having to say a word. Just apply to your hard hat, or even your tool box or lunch box, and watch how many more grins appear around you. Approving slaps on the back or arm-punches may also occur.

Anyone who works tough jobs knows that job sites can be infiltrated by the tragically uninformed, also known as idiots (among many other more colorful descriptions). You work hard. You know your job. You know what you’re doing. Stop the “know-it-all(NOT!)” in his/her tracks with one of our more biting stickers, like “To Avoid Injury, Do Not Tell Me How To Do My Job”, or “Danger: Stupid Kills”, or the more all-encompassing “No B.S.” symbol, and more. And of course, the illustrated middle finger sticker speaks volumes. There are also stickers to express your general badass’ness, letting those newbies know who’s da man (or woman – because we all know women can be seriously badass, too).

Add a little humor to your work day and get laughs from your coworkers – even some of the chronically-serious ones. If you’re notorious for your frequent deployment of the F-bomb, we’ve got a sticker for that. If you’re a legendary player or avid beer-lover, the “Maybe It’s The Beer Talking, But I Really Love Beer” sticker will definitely bring chuckles.

Feeling patriotic? We have strong, good-looking stickers to express your pride in the USA and its reputation for skilled, solid work.

These pro-designed, high-quality stickers make the perfect gift for any hard hat-wearing person in your world. Coworkers, friends, family, your boss, etc. will be happy to get these “tell it like it is” stickers that show your appreciation for their sense of humor and strong work ethic.

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Product: “Wait For It…” Mug • 5-Star Rating

For a mug whose sole purpose is to insinuate “Coffee makes me poop” this product fulfills it’s calling perfectly. And since my husband says this phrase to me every single day – this was the perfect gift for him. Seriously though, it makes us smile and laugh and how else do you want to start your day?

MReyAmazon verified purchase

Product: Wine Glass Markers • 5-Star Rating

The stickers were a big hit at our recent wine tasting. Our guests got a good giggle from them and were fighting over some of the stickers. They were great for our stemless wine glasses (for those of our friends who are a little clumsier than others) but looked good on the stemmed glasses too. Nice size and I’m so glad they’re reusable.

T-galAmazon verified purchase

Product: Happy Birthday Rainbow Unicorn Banner • 5 Star Rating

Excellent quality and easy to hang! My daughter loved it!

BaileyAmazon Verified Purchase

Product: Beach Party Drink Glass Stickers • 5 Star Rating

I have 4 children. We live at the beach. I purchased these so we can tell who’s glass belongs to whom. I now have way less dishes. And the fact that they are reusable is amazing. They stick to my fridge when not being used! If you have a large family, you should give these a try. Our family loves them.

MamaBearVerified Amazon Purchase
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